Does Google Asistant Is Listening Us Secretly!

Because of our age’s communication network is global, everyone have been surrounded and been going to communication fervour. As this situation happens, the world becomes a small village and it gets into our pockets. While large-scale communicatin getting exposed to pages of frightening scenarios some of them becomes reality. One of them is that one of our virtual asistant’s (Google Asistant) is listening us. Here are the details.

What does Google Asistant is doing?

Let’s share this before we continue: Google Asistant is an asistance application works on the Android operating system. Itjust not being used in Android, it can also being used in iOS devices. In order to use this application, you should have a registered Google account on your phone.

With Google Asistant you can ask questions, you can use it to call someone and you can see the places you’re close.

Does Google Asistant is listening the users without their permission?

The first standard of using digital applications in our world is constituting trust among users. While social media giant Facebook is being on the spotlight for recent scandals, many platforms as far as Google Asistant have been blamed because they’re violating user rights.

Google Asistant is a asistance application like Siri in iOS devices. According to a report made by Belgian public Publisher, Google’s artificial intelligence asistant is listening the users without their permission.

According to the public publisher’s report, it has been uncovered that some people’s personal conversation have been recorded more than once.

Google stated that they’re listening the users to help artificial intelligence become more qualitative and to understand language patterns and tonings.

Well, why linguists exist in Google? How Google analyzes data captured from users? Continues at the news.


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