Dropbox vs Google Drive: Which One Is Better?

When file hosting services are in question, there are two nominees that everyone knows. These are Dropbox and Google Drive. Without a doubt, these two services dominate the entire market in any part of the world. If you are going to receive file hosting services soon and trying to learn which one is the better choice, this guide is for you. Dropbox vs Google Drive: Which One Is Better?

In the following section, we have discussed some elements that will help you to determine the best service for yourself. Both Google Drive and Dropbox have their own strengths and weaknesses. We also shared our favorite file hosting service at the end of this article.

Free & Paid Storages: The Winner is Google Drive

If you are looking for a straightforward service with plenty of free or paid storage, then Google Drive is the best choice. It offers 15 GB free storage while Dropbox only offers 2 GB free storage. In addition to this, Google is $20 cheaper for the same amount of storage space in paid plans compared to Dropbox.

In this respect, Google Drive is the best choice for those who are looking for a cost-effective file hosting service. However, we highly recommend keeping reading for more features.

Security: The Winner is Dropbox

Although both services offer all the common security measurements to protect your account and files, Dropbox is slightly better. It is because Dropbox uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. This is two times more secure than the systems that Google uses.

Besides regular security measurements, both services also offer added security elements such as two-factor authentication.

File Sharing Features: The Winner is Dropbox

Again, both services offer the same features for their users, but Dropbox offers a bit more complex and practical services. Although you can share your files with others, Dropbox allows you to set passwords for your files. In this way, only the people who know the password can access your files.

In addition to this, you can also set an expiration date for the files you are going to share with others. As a result, the links will not work after a while depending on the expiration date. Unfortunately, such features are not available on Google Drive.

Syncing Features: The Winner is Dropbox

Dropbox has a better and more innovative syncing feature compared to Google Drive. Although both services use the same technology in syncing your files, Google downloads and saves the files as a whole. On the other hand, Dropbox performs the same operation in blocks.

As a result, you may experience delays in Google Drive, especially in large files. However, this problem is minimized in Dropbox.

The Result: Dropbox is a Better File Hosting Service

As you can see from the previous sections, both services use similar technology, adopt the same measurements, and offer the same services. However, we believe that Dropbox is a better option due to its innovative approach to file hosting service.

If you are looking for a straightforward service, you can also use Google Drive without any worries. However, if you want to go a bit extra, Dropbox should be your choice.

We explained Dropbox vs Google Drive.

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