Fitbit Luxe Review

Fitbit Luxe is one of the most talked about smart wristband models recently.

Fitbit Luxe is one of the most talked about smart wristband models recently. This model, which attracts attention thanks to its stylish design, manages to attract more attention of women, thanks to its design in cooperation with the jewelry brand. In addition, the model actually has quite advanced features. However, we can say that the design of the model stands out more than its features.

Fitbit Luxe has made its mark this year with its details and design. This wristband is specially designed by the jewelry brand Gorjana. It is quite extraordinary compared to normal smart wristbands. It can be said that it offers a long-lasting use thanks to its stainless steel and golden color. In addition, the product will have leather or fabric strap options.

When we look at the technical features of Fitbit Luxe, it is remarkable that it is waterproof up to 50 meters. It can also continuously monitor heart rate. It makes sure that you are healthy thanks to its sleep tracking feature. In addition, the product has 20 different exercise modes. One of the features expected to be added to the product is the SpO2 tracking feature.

Fitbit Luxe

The battery life of the product is quite adequate. It offers up to 5 days of use on a single charge. Considering that it constantly monitors sleep and heart rate, this time seems to be quite enough. Also, the price of the product is around the expected. The price for pre-orders of the product is $149. The Special Edition version is on sale for $200.

This product can successfully track both fitness and health. It is definitely one of the best smart bracelets we’ve heard and reviewed recently. It is also a great advantage that it is light and small. If you want to have a smart wristband like an accessory, we can say that Fitbit Luxe is the most aesthetic model you can find. Among the disadvantages of the product is the lack of built-in GPS. Still, the product features seem quite adequate.

Product Details

The light weight and stylish design of the product have the ability to motivate you at all times. However, how suitable the product is for sports activities is debatable. In addition to all these, although the design of the product is very stylish, it is not nice to have its features in the background. For this reason, buyers should do detailed research and not be deceived by the design of this bracelet.

It is a big plus that the model is compatible with both android and ios. While the product is on your wrist, you can stay connected or activate the do not disturb mode. In this way, you will always feel that you are in control.

The dimensions of the product are 36 x 18 x 10 millimeters. Its weight is 0.06 Pounds. The product has different color options. In addition, the product package includes a charging cable. We can say that this product has generally managed to receive positive comments from its users and it deserves a chance.

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