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Access to emergency services such as ambulances and fire department is important. Interesting mobile application developed for this situation, in our news.

Every person’s has access to emergency services such as ambulances and fire department is very important. Sometimes we may need to these services in our own country, sometimes in the place we don’t know at all. Although it’s easy to access emergency services in many countries of the world; Unfortunately, it can be very difficult in some countries. Interesting mobile application developed to based on this situation, in our news…

What is the interesting story of the emergency situation application?

It’s known worldwide that a person dialing 911, 999 and 112 numbers needs urgently health related especially. But it isn’t the same in Africa. There are more than 50 numbers dialed for emergency services in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. It’s a long and difficult process to finding a suitable team to help. It can take about 2-3 hours for the ambulance to arrive.

The Flare application is actually based on these needs in Nairobi. Because the founders of his company worked for years in the health sector in Nairobi. They have developed an application that can help both in this situation and sometimes in emergencies where people don’t know where they are.

The Flare ensures people to easily access services such as fire department and ambulances in an emergency. In the same time, it helps to the better coordinate the  fire department and ambulance service in throughout the city.

Many platforms can be used to help for emergency assistance. For example, there is an Uber-style platform which used for emergency in Paris. Ambulance teams enters with shifts this system and Ambulance team’s locations can be monitored by the hospitals connected on the application.

How to use the emergency application?

flare emergency application moblobi

All ambulances available are collected on a map in the mobile application called Flare. On the other hand, the personnel can choose tools and equipment according to the location and need of the emergency. Also, Google Maps can be available for traffic related information in the application.

Hospitals pay a subscription price to access the service. Individuals can register for membership. It also provides 24/7 services to reach emergency workers through from the website.

The Flare emergency application actually helps not just in the ambulance service, but it can also help in case of fire. The application continues to involve private fire departments in its system.

Small fire trucks can be used because of bad roads and traffic of Nairobi. These tools can carry less water than other fire trucks. As an extra private institution, the places where they can get water are very limited. In addition, when the developers conducted their fire research in Nairobi, they also saw that there were around 4,000 fire hydrants that were potentially working but not used. Flare application matches and saves all water sources in the city to solve these problems. So  in addition to the available fire trucks, the dispatchers can also access the nearest water resources.

What are the interesting results about the application?

Thanks to this application, the time for ambulances to reach the emergency person was reduced from 162 minutes to approximately 15-20 minutes. In addition, The ambulance  mobility increased and  during the missing hours of this service has enabled.

The application is being criticized by some segments. Because they think wont that the this business model will work in slums with a monthly income of about $ 15. They think the society segments that could use it could be people who are usually middle-income and have health insurance. Because of, they think that it will be possible to use this application in regions with low economy and social environment.

So, Do you use emergency services? What do you think about these apps? You can share your views from the comments section.

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