For Users with Slow İnternet: Spotify Lite!

Right now apps have started to come into healines with it’s Lite versions. This version’s aim is to make users use this applications if their internet connection is slow or they use a low budget. One of the apps that prepares Lite version is Spotify. Here are the details for Spotify Lite.

While it has started to rise as soon as it has been launched and it’s been in our country since 2013, Spotify offered it’s light version Spotify Lite to users. It has made it’s launch on 36 countries that are developing and the have slow and problematic internet connections. Spotify’s smaller version has been developed for the use of small budget devices to be used easily and comfortably.

What did Spotify do so far?

While Spotify did it’s debut on 2008, it has been created by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. While Spotify’s headquarters is in Stockholm, it has been put to use in our country in 2013. Especially it caught a huge acceleration and continued to increase it’s userbase rapidly since 2013.

While Spotify has more than 180 million users in late 2018, it managed to get ahead of it’s competitors. Instead of the option of buying each songs or albums and tries to gain revenue by monthly subscriptions, has entered into 36 different markets with it’s Spotify Lite application.

Spotify Lite with details

While Spotify Lite has been tested and it’s on Beta versions since mid 2018, it’s biggest difference in main application is that it has brought limitation feature to useabel stroage. When user has reached onto it’s designated limit, Spotify Lite warns the user and the user can use the time lef tor can leave to use this application.

Except that, you can create concentrated versions of music lists as in the stadard version, can discover new music and you can find the musician and the songs easily. They have free and Premium options like in standard application and if their internet connection is stable and strong, they can get onto standard Spotify.

Like in many Lite applications, Spotify Lite has 10 megabytes of space on your phone. Especially when we consider the limits, while this app is so small compared to other apps, it can be used on Android 4.3 and above Android devices.

Which countries can use Spotify Lite? Which applications Lite versions exists? Continues on the news?


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