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There’s an app existent for learning a new language...

In today’s world; people have to communicate. Despite communication is being preferred on social media, the best way to communicate is verbal communication . But, verbal communication becomes difficult when we’re abroad. We go to language courses as much as we can and going abroad if we have possibilities. But, there are mobile apps for foreign language learning. Here’s an app existent to learn foreign language. Here are the details.

Which app allows learning a foreign language for free?

Because the world we live in is global; we have to encounter people talking different languages. So, it becomes important to learn a foreign alnguage. There are mobile apps and FunEasyLearn is a free mobile app. This app makes communication easier communication with another foreign language.

FunEasyLearn has 34 different language options. It becomes a global language learning app. It’s been built on the foundation of Duolingo when it comes to foreign language learning.  Words are supported with visuals. So, learning a new language becomes much easier.

This app prevents you being bored with trophy based and on game envoirment. FunEasyLearn’s aim is to give chance for learning a different language globally. Because FunEasyLearn is appropiate for every age and audience; it’s become safe for kids.

Which strange features does this app has?

The most important feature of the app is that it has hand-drawn pictures. Accurate translations are one of it’s pros.

There are three sections after you download FunEasyLearn. Alphabets, Words and Sentences. This mobile app gives you sound support from daily speech to a wide audience. So, you learn to pronounce comfortably.

FunEasyLearn offers 6.000 words and 5.000 phrases alphabet. They took inspiration from 3.000 most used words. There’s a wide option of languages especially English, Spanish, Chinese, French and Russian.

What is the biggest plus of this app? What are differences between free use and paid use? Which advantage does it has for not having internet connection? Continues on the news.


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