Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung gave information about the Galaxy Watch 4. The product seems to bring new features to the smart watch technology.

After announcing foldable smartphones in the past, we have heard the brand name Samsung a lot. But on the other hand, the brand also gave information about the Galaxy Watch 4. The product seems to bring new features to the smart watch technology. Our first impression is pretty good and it earned a like from us. So what are the details of the product? We have listed the details for you…

Galaxy Watch 4 Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a screen size of 1.19 inches (40 mm). Also, an AMOLED screen is preferred. In addition, the processor of the product is Exynos W920. On the other hand, there are many useful sensors in the product. V02 Max and advanced sleep tracking sensors are two of them. In addition, this smartwatch also has a blood oxygen tracking sensor and a heart rate sensor. In other words, it is possible to say that it is an ideal smart watch for health and fitness.

In addition, the product draws attention to the possibility of 16 GB of storage. In addition to this possibility, which is quite enough for a smart watch, there is also 1.5 GB of RAM in the product. The certificates of the product are MIL-STD-810G, IP68 and EKG. The product is also quite adequate in terms of battery life. It promises long-term use thanks to its 247 mAh and 361 mAh batteries.

Galaxy Watch 4 connection options are quite diverse, especially LTE and Wifi. The product has Bluetooth capability. It is also noteworthy that this smart watch has an NFC feature. Plus, the fact that the product has GPS support is also considered a great advantage.

The operating system of the product is Wear OS & One UI Watch. There are also color and material options in the product. This model is very powerful in terms of hardware. Also, it has two Cortex-A55 cores and Mali-G68 GPU. A higher quality processor and stronger GPU performance are just some of the reasons that make the product attractive.

Overall Review

This product, which is also sufficient in terms of charging capacity, offers 7 days of use with a single charge. It is also noteworthy that despite its small screen, it has a powerful battery. Although it has many sensors, its light weight is one of the reasons that make the product advantageous. In addition, thanks to its aesthetic design, it is one of the models that can be preferred for daily use.

To comment in general, we liked both the hardware and the software of the product. That’s why we think the product is worth a try. However, we believe that Samsung will produce much better products in the future. From another point of view, this product is also very sufficient and advantageous in terms of price and performance. It may be sufficient for us for now, but it is a fact that we will want much more advanced features in a short time thanks to the rapidly developing technology.

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