Google Assistant will Read Your Whatsapp Messages!

Google Assistant is one of the most popular voice assistant app. Right now, they’re preparing to make a feature to be used. With this feature, Google Assistant will read many third-party apps like Whatsapp. Here are the details.

What is the newcoming feature of Google Assistant?

Voice assistant apps are one of the most services we use the most. Especially, Apple’s Siri is being used a lot. But Google Assistant became more popular than it’s competitors.

Google Assistant proveides many services. You can ask questions in different fields, directions and weather forecast can be asked. Except that, different apps can be opened by your voice commands.

There’s a lack in Google Assistant despite it can handle many issues. Google Assistant can only read sms messages and Hangout’s messages. But with the new update, many apps can be opened by this app.

How can you make Google Assistant to read Whatsapp messages?

You need to give permission to Google Assistant to access notifications to make it read.

Google Assistant will show messages in Whatsapp and similar apps. In order to listen the messages, you have to give the command of ‘read my messages’. After that, it’ll read the context of messages. If there’s a photo, video or voice files, it’ll give the warning of ‘message contains additional file’.

Even more, the feature of messaging back will exist. Users will answer it by voice and Google Assitant will sent to the other side.

Which apps will take advantage of this feature? Who will use them? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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