Google Pixel Phones Will be Taken More Seriously!

It’s a fact that most of us have iPhones and Samsungs in our hands. But, it’s useful to state that the time is come to take Google’s Pixel Phones more seriously. Why? Here are the details.

What is Google Pixel 3a?

Google has explained some information about their new phone series. According to them this phone has improved cameras, reliable performance, long battery life and smart software. Google states that this phone is sold to 400 dollars. Because of it’s price advantage, it’s sales increased 100 percent.

Google Pixel 3a has low-resolution OLED screen, processor that’s slower than 3 and it’s waterproof. When we compare it with IPhone XR, it doesn’t have an additional camera. Even more, IPhone XR’s 750 dollar price makes it harder to barter.

Google is not the first corporation that offers medium segmented phones with a low price. It has created a slower processor and less improved hardwares that doesn’t contain Pixel Visual Core. Corporation has optimized it’s user interface and camera application to users as fast as Pixel 3. Other phone producers applied similar techniques but Google has proved it’s superiority on this field.

You can make evaluations with it’s asistance features like Duplex and Call Screening by looking at Pixel 3’s camera’s only objective and looking at what you can catch. Some of the Google Maps fast asistant feature and augmented reality features are being offered on Pixel.

What Google proved with Pixel 3a series? What message they gave to it’s competitors? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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