How Does Mobile Internet Speed Performs In Turkey?

Internet have become an important part on our lives from children to elderly.  Every one of us spends most of our day at connecting into internet. Accordingly, internet in mobile devices becomes important as we become mobile. According to a research, countries internet speed has been uncovered. Well which country has the highest mobile internet speed? How does mobile internet speed performs in Turkey? Here are the details.

78 percent of Turkey’s population are internet users and 77 million have smartphones. This data shows the potential of connecting into the internet by mobile devices. Currently, 52 million people uses social media and 44 million of them prefers to connect into social media by their mobile phones. Also this data clearly shows mobile internet consumption.

When mobile internet usage becomes important for individuals, in order to fulfill this need, countries are continuing their improvements on infastructure but the need is huge and unfortunately in some countries, mobile internet infastructure becomes insufficient and mostly internet speed slows down.

Which country has the fastest mobile internet speed?

In recent days a research has been conducted about mobile internet speed and media following agency PRNet have examined this reearch. According to research countries with fastest mobile internet speed have been revealed. If we look at globally, highest mobile internet connection is in Norway. Its internet speed it 67,3 Mbps. Norway also known for their high standards so, it’s mobile internet speed is much higher than other countries.

Let’ say for people who doesn’t know in order to understand the dat: The opening of Mbps actually means megabits per second. It’s very important to compare with which we commonly use megabyte because megabyte don’t being used to measure internet speed. To mention it megabyte data is not a measurement to understand the mobile internet speed. For example with 8 Mbps of internet speed you can download 1 megabyte data per second. You can take into account when you evaluate mobile internet  speed.

Let’s get back into our topic and let’s continue where we stayed. The second country with the highest mobile internet speed is Canada. Canada’s mobile internet speed has been determined as 65,1 Mbps.

The third country with highese mobile internet speed is the Netherlands. It’s mobile internet speed is around 60,7 Mbps.

After we share countries with the fastest mobile internet speed, let’s come into Turkey’s mobile internet speed. But let’s state this before we share it’s grading. Turkey looks like it put behind countries like China, USA and the UK. Despite this result’s prediction is difficult this data shows that our mobile internet speed lputs behind the biggest countries.

Well how fast Turkey’s mobile internet speed is? What it’s grading on the list and which country is the closest? Continues at the news.


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