How Is Mobile Internet Prices?

Internet usage increases rapidly worldwide. Users prefers to connect into internet by mobile devices. Mobile internet prices have been made clear recently. Well how about the pricing of mobile internet and how it performs on the list? Here are the details.

With technologhy age both our connection to internet both our needs to it increases day by day. Conducted researches shows there are 54 million internet users and nearly 59 million active mobile device users nationwide. We spend 7 hours per day on internet as well. Researches shows that we mostly prefer to conntect by mobile devices. When we are connected to the internet we love to watch video, do messaging, using map services and banking applications. When we are very mobile and connected to internet at such level our consumption of internet by mobile devices and it’s paid bills are increasing day by day.

How is mobile internet prices around the world?

Media following agency PRNet have shared interesting data by examining the research about mobile internet prices around the world. According to data from 2019 from this research based on median prices and according to this it has been uncleared how much does mobile internet prices on country average.

Where is the most expensive mobile internet?

The most expensive mobile internet price is in Zimbabwe. People pay 75,20 dollars for 1 GB of mobile internet. When we hear this number most of us realized that Zimbabwe is by far the leader when it comes to mobile phone prices. Unlike Zimbabwe, our neighbor Greece has the 2nd most expensive internet by 32,71 dollars per 1 GB of mobile internet.

Where is the cheapest mobile internet?

Most of us thinks it’s Turkey. Let’s share the country with cheapest mobile internet before we share Turkey’s list. India is the country performs at the bottom line when it comes to mobile internet prices of 0.26 dollars per 1 GB of mobile internet. Second the mosh cheapest country is Sudan by 0.68 dollars per 1 GB of mobile internet .

Well how much do we pay for mobile internet? To find the answer continues at the news.


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