How To Clean Our Smartphones Against Coronavirus!

How to keep our devices clean against coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the global headline. Hygiene is the most important thing to protect ourselves. Then, not being on public spaces. Especially, we shouldn’t touch our face.

But, our phones and other technologhical devices creates the most danger for our hygienic conditions. We should pay attention to cleaning those devices to protect our hygiene. But, how to keep our phones and other devices clean? Here are the details.

Pay attention when cleaning your phones against coronavirus!

As coronavirus spreaded, hygienic precautions are the first step. Especially our hands, face and envoirments. Phones hygienealso becomes important. And, it’s easy to keep our phones and other technologhical devices hygiene.

Firstly, special attention should be paid to clean these devices when it comes to fluidal contact. Excess fluids shouldn’t be used and they shouldn’t get into contact with fluids directly. A cloth or a tissue should be used. And, breaking our due to fluids are out of guarentee.

How to clean your phones against coronavirus?

Cologne is one of the best ways to clean our phones. Especially against coronavirus . But, cologne should be over 70 degrees. Or disinfectants or disinfectant tissues could be used as well.

To do this, wipe your phone with cologne or disinfectant with a tissue. You can do it frequenly like on your phone. But, stay away from direct contact and the fluid to be in a small amount.

Which devices should be made? What to watch out when you’re using your phone with another person? How to clean our covers against coronavirus? Continues on the news.


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