Huawei Honor 30S’ Features For Photographers!

Huawei Technologies introduced Honor 30S....

As people follows smartphones, new technologies arise. Now, Huawei Technologies have introduced Huawei Honor 30S. What does this innovative phone contains? Here are the details.

How does Huawei Honor 30S’ photograph experience?

Huawei Honor 30S contains 820 chipsets, 3D curved design and 5G. Also, four 8MP 3X optic zoomed cameras with 64MP resolution.With 2MO macro and 8MP ultra wide lenses are amongst others. Camera lenses offers a good photogrphy experience.

Honor 30S optimizes lights with artificial intelligence. It can also capture with strong zooming till 120 degrees.

Researchers have found that we capture photos after 6.00pm. So, photos are taken on lower light. Huawei Honor 30S allowed good photos to be captured on low light with Quad Bayer software.

Honor 30S makes people satisfied. This phone can capture 4K 30 fps resolution with high-speed videos and 32X slow videos.

Huawei Honor 30S contains AI Beauty selfie improvement. Also, AI Beauty can further improve beauty with other softwares. 16 MP selfie camera is another plus side.

What about 30S’ battery life and it’s features?

Honor 30S never makes you disappointed with 4000 mAh capacity. Also, with it’s 40W fast charging; it can reach 80% in half an hour. So, no problems for you on charging.

Huawei Honor 30S has a Magic IU 3.1 operating system with EFORS software resulting in a speed increase of 20% and empty space by 14%. You can share more than 500 photos with this processor.

Even more, dark mode makes bookworms lives easier. They also have a elegant design. Moreover, they have the best fingerprint detection in the market.

What are the features you pay attention on smartphones? Which features should be included in smartphones? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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