In Kids Table Usage Has Been Down To Under 1 Year Old!

One of the biggest issues in modern age is that children spends too much time on technologhical devices. Smartphone and tablet usage has been down to under 1 year old. Children spending too much time on them has a negative effect on their physiologhical and psyhcologhical progress. In this situation, the biggest responsibility are on their parents.

When we’re saying televisions, tablets, smartphones now we’ve been surrounded with screens. This screens have become inseperable part of our lives with progressing technology. But those screens which surrounds us causes potential damage and threat to children ’s health and it’s progress.

Mobile devices causes threats at children’s improvement!

Doctors, physiothreapists, language and speech threapists, phychologists and child development specialists who are studying child rehabilitation have been stating for too long about negative effects that causes to a child. Even more ergothreapists have been attracting the attention to another negative effect. In Istanbul Bilgi University in Ergothreapy Field Research Asistant Başak Çağla Arslan have stated that for the past 5 years they have increased complaints at weaknesses in fine motor skills, coordination, postural and muscles into torso. She has stated thay children have been treated with ergothreapists to issues they face because of mobile devices.

Ergothreapists states that especially childrens social skills, behaviours, visions and even their hand writings getting affected. Positions when children puts their fingers to play games on when using mobile phone and tablet might cause some issues. Even more, in topic devices cause perception problems because of they’ve been squeezed in a 2 dimensional World.

Children’s mobile device usage has been increased!

Technological device usage at kids are getting increased more and more. A few years ago, in 2013 when children ’s mobile device has been examined; nearly 38 percent of children under 2 years old and 80 percent of children in the age gap of 2 to 4 years old doesn’t knew active mobile device usage. When we look in our day it’s been up to 97 percent. Evenmore mobile device usage is down to 1 year old. Thus it looks like childrens mobile device usage has been increased 17 percent fort he last 5 years. In short right now nearly all children are mingling with them.

According to research, scrren time increase negatively affects children ’s gaming events and it’s communication with their parents. Children have started to experience hardships in many fields like eye contact, communication ability, social skills, ability to conduct sports.

Well what should families do about this topic? What kind of precautions should they take? Continues at the news?


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