iPhone 14 Rumors

What new features will the iPhone 14 have? The model is expected to be released 2022. Here we researched iPhone 14 Rumors for you.

Technology is developing rapidly and every new product brings us new information added to our knowledge. The iPhone 14 also brought many new features to the iPhone series. After the release of iOS 14 and the newly released iOS 15 a year ago, rumors about the iPhone 14 have already begun to emerge. What new features will the iPhone 14 have? The model is expected to be released 2022. Here we researched iPhone 14 Rumors for you.

iPhone 14 Features

One of the most talked about features about the iPhone 14 is that the screen design will be completely different. The notched screen will now be a thing of the past and a perforated screen will be preferred. In addition, all the sensors needed for Face ID will be hidden under the screen. In this way, the notch design, which they gradually reduced, will no longer exist. Touch ID sensors are also expected to move under the screen in the same year. It will also be possible to observe some changes about the rear camera. So much so that a wide-angle 48 Mp camera is expected in the iPhone 14 pros.

It is not known exactly when this model will be released. Still, analysts expect the model to go on sale towards the end of 2022. The famous technology brand Apple, which has always made a name for itself with its innovative phone designs, is preparing to integrate legendary features that do not surprise its followers into our lives.

It is estimated that larger screen options will also be available on the iPhone 14 model. In addition, the mini model of the product will be available for those who like smaller phones. The model is expected to be released in 4 different product options: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 max, and iPhone 14 pro max. In addition, product dimensions are expected to vary between 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.

What the price will be is currently unpredictable. However, considering Apple’s habits, the product is not expected to be cheap. However, it is obvious that the product will include many new technological features. Although the color lineups of the product are not yet clear, it will be considered normal to have five different color options. It is also expected to have an A16 chip in the product. 120Hz ProMotion Display is also among the expectations. We can say that 5G connectivity is a feature that will definitely be included in the product. It will also have satellite connectivity and many other new features.

To Sum Up

We have no doubt that Apple will again prepare a magnificent product with a great design. Nevertheless, it is useful to follow the statements made in the coming days. Therefore, the comments we can make on the information we have are limited for now. Nevertheless, the information we obtained gives us hope. For this reason, it is possible to make such estimations with the information we have until we reach more detailed information about the product.

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