Most Frequently Used Apps Of Corona Virus!

What does kids use on their phones? Here are the details.

While the first Corona virus outbreak happened in Wuhan, China; now it turned into a global pandemic. Even more, mobile apps use increases in usage and downloading. Here are the most downloaded mobile apps:

Which apps are used the most on Corona virus?

1- Zoom

Zoom allows online conversations by videocalls and voice calls when we have to stay at home. And, they offer video conference. So, it becomes useful for teachers and students.

2- Google Classroom

Corona virus has incentivized educators to find an online platform for education. One of them is Google Classroom. And, it’s can be used freely. Google Classroom allows online interactions and homeworks. Especially it’s found useful on giving homeworks.

3- Netflix

We spend more time on social media as people are at their homes. When considering the time spent on social media; we tend to watch more movies and documentaries by using Netflix more frequently. Also, their high audio and video qualities combined with a wide array of content; that makes Netflix more desireable.

4- Microsoft Teams

Most of the work is carried on homes. Especially communicating with colleauges. Actually, Microsoft Teams is a messaging app allowing access to meetings, notes and important files. Also, Microsoft Teams allows audio and video calls at the same time.

Which app’s use increased drastically on pandemic? Which app allows us to get accurate information about Corona virus? Continues on the news.


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