Most Popular Podcasts Of 2020 in Turkey

7 of the most popular podcasts on different platforms in Turkey.

2019 was a good year for Podcasts. And the trend has risen in 2020. What are the best podcasts in Turkey? Which names are reminded on Spotify podcast and best Spotify podcasts? Here are the details.

Podcasts became the digital trend of 2020. And this technology reached wider audience by starting from Apple.

Now, many platforms like Spotify have podcasts. Even more, Spotify podcast became as popular as music. More over, people started to listen podcasts on Youtube, iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify. Furthermore, an occupational field named Podcasters for them.

Most Listened Podcasts

1- O Tarz Mı? (Means in  Turkish: Is that stylish?)

Can Bonomo, Can Temiz, Bengi Apak and İsmail Türküsev are amongst people that makes this channels work in Turkey. This channels answers the questions sent by e-mails. And, they make their podcasts twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. You can access the podcast from iTunes and SoundCloud.

2- Nasıl Olunur? (Means in  Turkish: How to be?)

How to be has been done by Nilay Örnek. This podcasts starts with Nilay Örnek’s question of How to be. They have 61 episodes so far. It’s episodes are shared in iTunes and Spotify.

3- Umarım Annem Dinlemez (Means in  Turkish: Hope My Mum Never Listens)

Hope My Mum Never Listens is the podcast created by Tuluğ Özlü. Tuluğ Özlü talks about the topics that his parents would never approve of.

4- Podcastia Maceraları (Means in  Turkish: Adventures of Podcastia)

It’s a humor program.

5- İlham Verici Konuşmalar (Means in  Turkish: Inspirational Talks)

TED talks are shared as podcasts in Turkish. Right now, they have 105 records but they make episodes in every two days.

6-  6 Minute English

It’s a podcast of BBC Radio aimed to help people expanding their vocabulary.

7- Zihnimin Kıvrımları (Means in  Turkish: Curves of my Brain)

Curves of my Mind is a podcast broadcasted by Serdar Kuzuoğlu. They’re launched on Google, Apple and Spotify. And their topics are books. Also, he shares the visual forms on Youtube.

Do you listen podcast? Which channel is your favourite? Do you listen Spotify podcast? Which Spotify podcast is the best? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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