The App That Suggests Place According To Your Footprint!

How is the navigation application used which offers the place according to your location? Interesting app, in our news...

Navigation applications are very useful about making our lives easier. It helps us find of the places we’re looking for and the places we can’t find in a short span of time.  A developed navigation application also offers suitable locations for you based on your location and according to the your places you’ve been before. Interesting application, in our news..

How is the navigation application used which offers the place according to your location?

The application called Pop Queue, is a mobile navigation app that lists places like shopping, cafes, parks, museums, banks that are the closest to your location. The application is informing you at the same time about the location you are looking for.

Firstly, you have to allow access to your location to start using the application. After accessing your location, it also offers you more than one location. You can choose the places whether you want from the places suggested by the application and reach the relevant location. When you select a location, the application lists information about that location, like working hours, phone number, address, popularity of the place; distance, website connection. You can go to the place of your choice by tapping the “GO”, that is, go icon.

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When the application finds a place, it’s marking with different colors. This feature is showing how busy that place is. For example, while blue color indicates that the place is less crowded; red color indicates it is very dense. Thus, you can learn which places are available at which time intervals. You can also use this feature to evaluate time in your orders.

The Pop Queue application is quite simple to use. It can be used all over the world. There are more than 30 categories within; so, it enables you to reach your goal simply. The application also enables you to customize where you want to go.

Meantime, the application supports lots of international languages. It’s available in the Apple Store; But, let’s also share the information, that it isn’t available in the Google Play Store yet.

So, Do you find navigation applications the useful? Which the navigation applications do you use? You can share it in the comments.

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