New Features Are Coming To iPhone And iPad!

iOS 13 and iPad OS have been developed and tested thoroughly and also being offered beta versions for iPhones and iPads. Innovations that will enter our lives by those most recent features.

Which features iPhone and iPad users will encounter with the iOS 13 update?

With iOS 13, your phone becomes faster, smarter and safer. Also they have added many more features. While it has been seen as a competitor for Google’s Android Q, it has been expected to bring their undending battle to daylight.

There are attractive features about this update that’s been expected to be launched on September. Let’s explain some of them:

  • No more unknown number calls

You can prevent unknown numbers by clicking a button. With this new feature, only numbers on your list can call you. If other numbers wants you to communicate with you, they have to send you a voice message.

  • Faster Wi-Fi network choosing

You need to get into settings to do a wi-fi connection. With Apple’s iOS 13, it’s possible to conect a network by a button.

  • Sliding keyboard

This feature has been used in Android for a long time but with the help ıf third-party applications. After a long time, Apple brought this feature to IPhone. With this feature called ‘QuickPath Typing’; in theory; it’s been expected to accelerate the speed of keyboard use. This feature might make it easier for people who prefers to use it with a hand.

  • Dark mode for all applications

With dark mode that’s been in IPhones, it can be used on all applications. We can give examples as they are some of the music and photography applications. It’s been stated that it’ll be used on all operating systems but we’ll learn when this operating system totally got launched on market.

  • Video editing tools comes to Photos app

With new operating system Photos app became easier to use and it has been offered a faster use but it’s not just limited by that. We can use pretty much all of the tools being used on photos to edit videos.

  • Find My Phone and Find My Friends apps got combined

In case when your and your friends phones got lost, they just combined them altogether by an application Find My. With this application, you can find the phones of people you don’t know.

  • Emojis took it’s place on this new operating system

Emojis that exists on Apple’s messaging app, you can use your face while messaging too. Even more, you’ll have an emoji package that you can use within the application.

Which changes will be on Siri? Can Iphone users start to use this application with those changes right now? How they can use it? Continues on the news.


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