New Features Came To Samsung Galaxy S10

Some features of Samsung S20 came to Samsung Galaxy S10

Some features of Samsung Galaxy S20 being transferred to their S10 counterparts with an update. Same will occur to Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ smartphones.

As we all know, Samsung Galaxy S20 is the flagship of the brand. Some of it’s features transferred to Samsung Galaxy S10.

Which recent features came to Samsung Galaxy S10?

Firstly, Samsung Galaxy S10 had features from S20 on photos and videos. For example, one shot is one of them. One shot allows the best to be chosen by multiple shoots with artificial intelligence. So, you’ll see the best of the photos.

Another one is the night mode. With night mode, much clearer and better photos can be captured. Additionally, rapid mode came to Samsung Galaxy S10.

Moreover, another features are posturing, trigger speed and more features for better videos.

They have artificial intelligence backed art gallery. This art gallery is being processed with an artificial intelligence. So, you’ll take easier action by categorizing every photo. Also, you can adjust your photos on the left upper side.

One of them is about sharing. For example, too much videos can be shared at once with rapid sharing. You can increase your connections via Bluetooth. For example, you can allow more phones to be connected.

Do you use Samsung? Which features can come from other phone models according to you? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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