Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review

It has an expensive price, it definitely deserves to be high-cost with its advanced features

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is described as the best foldable smartphone ever produced. Although it has an expensive price, it definitely deserves to be high-cost with its advanced features. It is also more durable and reinforced. Nevertheless, it is possible to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the product as pros cons.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Thanks to its water-resistant design, we are faced with a very strong product against various external factors. As a product where Samsung‘s latest technologies meet, it definitely deserves its price. We wish it was at more affordable prices though. We hope that the prices will be more affordable in the coming years.

Thanks to the S Pen support, it has a design that makes many new features possible. However, the S Pen is not included in the box. Also, there is no charger in the box. Therefore, it is possible to talk about hardware problems. The camera could have been better and the battery life could have been improved as well.

However, it is a very successful product in terms of the applications it offers. It is a product that can adapt perfectly to the foldable form thanks to its optimized applications. Thanks to the dual 120Hz screen, a very high quality display experience awaits Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 users. In addition, improved multitasking features are also one of the advantages of the product. Y

However, when you fold the phone, it can be said that it has a thick form. Although it is a phone that lives up to expectations, its usability is questionable. When you fold the phone, its volume becomes thick and large. In addition, we can not give much positive information about its weight.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review

It is possible to say that it is a very impressive product thanks to the under-display camera. However, 4MP resolution may not be enough for everyone. Also, the 7.6 inch display is a really good feature. Thanks to the 120 Hz refresh rate, we can talk about the quality of this feature. On the other hand, when you are in an outdoor environment, the panel gets up to 30% brighter. Thanks to this feature, we see that user comfort is considered.

S pen support is actually an advantage. Still, we would be happier if the S Pen was included in the box. In addition, the overall camera quality is quite good and improved compared to other Samsung products. However, the product still has a long way to go to be perfect. Considering the negative comments about battery power, it is clear that there are many features that need to be improved.

However, when we consider the rapidly developing technology, it is obvious that it will not take much time to make these improvements. In the coming years, foldable phone technology is expected to spread. We look forward to the days when we will see thinner, lighter and more functional foldable phones.

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