Security Gaps In Apple’s Computer Cameras!

Mac computers have been detected with a security breach on their cameras.

As technology and digital world improves, they can bring security issues with them. Mac computers have been detected with a security breach on their cameras. Here are the details.

What is the security opening in Mac computers?

Google’s research team Project Zero have been known to successfully uncover other corporations product’s gaps. Those team members have found a security gap in Mac ’s video conference application the Zoom. According to this security gap; any Mac computer’s camera can be opened by a camera from web scanners such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox if they downloaded the Zoom.

Web servers in Mac computers cause this situation. Despite you’ve removed this application, web server can redownload this application by itself. For this reason, it’s impossible to intervene in this situation as a user.

Security researchers have revealed security gap in Zoom at the end of the March and gave 90 days to end the gap to Apple. But, security researches have the agreement of Apple is not working hard enough. The same issue have been informed tı Chrome and Mozilla crews but because there’s no issue on scanners, developers can’t do anything.

What should Mac users do for this security gap?

Project Zero’s security researchers have found a way to solve the security gap in Mac computers. If you’re a Mac user, you can do those steps to solve the problem.

After you open this application, go to settings section. Click on the video settings below. You’ll see the choice of turn off my video when joining a meeting. At the left side of the choice, if the checkbox is empty, you don’t get affected by the security gap. But, if this choice gets activated, you can get rid of the security gap by inactivating it.

Of course, removing Zoom is not a solution. Because it continues to exist in Mac ’s web scanner. Closing the web server requires a little more technical work; it requires you to work the terminal commands.

Apple have stated thet they’ll go to make a change on Zoom very soon. According to this change Zoom users can decide to open the video when they’ve joined a call.

In general, Apple doesn’t intend to change the Zoom’s working principles on Mac but, instead of this they’ll allow users to close their cameras by default.

Well, do you use Mac? Have you ever used Zoom application? What do you think about this security gap? You can share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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