Things to Watch Out For When You’re Selling Second Hand Phones!

Rise of foreign currency causes smartphone prices to soar every single day. This situation directs consumers to buy and sell second hand phones. However as second hand phone sales increases our personal data safety gets into danger. Well what should we watch out for before putting our phone to sale? Here are the details.

Do Them Before You Sell Your Own Phone

Mobile phone prices have surged because of increasing foreign currency. This situation has caused many consumers to put their phones to sale. As a result second-hand phone market have stirred and second-hand phone sales increased. Before users discard their phones they’re getting into important responsibilities. As an example they should transfer their information to their new phones from the old ones or they should completely remove their personal information and applications. This kind of transactions can cause data loss and when they discard their phones their personel data gets into danger. Fort his reason before users discard their phones there are some tips to watch out for. Data Saving Service’s general manager Serap Günal have made explanation about important tips about this subject. Here what you should you do before you put your phone to sale:

Backup Your Phone

It’s important to backing up your data before you sell your phone because users who made backup process can transfer their data to their recently bought devices. If you’re an iPhone user, you can follow these steps to make backup : Get into the settings mode at your phone, from there choose iCloud, then click into backup and storing option, and now choose backup . With these processes you can transfer your data to clous system. If you’re an Android user, you can transfer your data to a computen via Us bor you can use backup applications for Android devices.

Deactivate Your Accounts

After you have completed backing up your data is deactivating your accounts on the phone. So you have your personal information gets secured both when you buy a new device you don’t have an issue about activating with user’s personal information. This step is important for iPhone s especially who are planning to barter or sell their iPhones which have iOS7 or above have great importance to be sure about activation’s lock closed. iPhone users should save their data to iCloud and iTunes. After you save your data to iCloud and iTunes users should delete all content on their phones after this process is completed. Android users could solve this process by remove the account tab under their Google accounts before they reset their phones.

Encrypt Them Before You Delete Data

When you encrypt your data before you delete them makes your data inaccessible without encryption key. iPhone and Android users makes these encryptions with different methods. iPhone users make default while Android users have to encrypt them manually. For this feature after you get into settings you can find it in the security caption. After that you should click to encrypt the device option. After your device got encrypted now getting into data becomes blocked.

Remove SD Cards and SIM Cards From Your Devices

Most users have information about removing the SD cards and SIM cards before transferring to different user. Even though many users knows that they may forget this step. Because of this reason it’s important for you to not to skip this step. Before you barter or put your devices to sale it’s important for you to be sure about you removed your SD cards and SIM cards.

Well why it’s important for us to reset our phones to factory settings before we discard them? What should users do to reset their phones to factory settings? What can corporations and individuals do if they have more than one phone? Continues at the news.


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