Siri Tells You Whether You Have Coronavirus!

Apple’s Siri will make coronavirus scans to give recommendations.

As people quarentined during coronavirus; researchers are trying to find rapid ways to do diagnosis. Now, Apple made another study about COVID-19. Siri will make you a coronavirus scan and make recommendations accordingly. How does Siri undertands your risk level of coronavirus? How does it directs you by making pre-diagnosis? Here are the details.

Siri will make coronavirus survey with new update

As people stays in quarentine; we might think that we have coronavirus as we constantly get bombarded with news. But, unneccessary visits to hospitals will cause difficulties for healthcare workers. And, your risk of catching coronavirus increases. Knowing coronavirus risks, symptoms and tracking yourself is the best option before getting further help.

As ministries of health makes online tests; Siri also gives you information whether you should take medical help. Also, Siri added a survey to guide people from their concerns. Siri asks people when she heard the question “Do I have coronavirus?” But, it tells you to take medical help when contacting them.

What does Siri recommends when we contacted with a COVID 19 patient? Does Siri’s coronavirus test being used in Turkey? Continues on the news.


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