Smart Watch Measuring Oxygen Level!

Huawei Watch GT2 has some interesting features. Here are the details.

Smart watches are amonght our favourites. And, it attracts lots of attention when needing to become online at all times and sport lovers. Despite there are lots of smartwatches on the market; some are preferred more. One of them is Huawei’s Huawei Watch GT2 model and this smart watch has some interesting features. Here are the details.

What are the features of Huawei Watch GT2?

Huawei’s new smart watch series is named Watch GT2. This smart watch’s most important feature is that it has many developed features of health. For example, Huawei Watch GT2 can track oxygen levels.

Another feature is that it’s battery can hold up to two weeks. So, users can have a life with sports. Also, this smart watch tracks sleeping routines, cardiac pressure, heart rates and anormal heart rates. Even more, it works well to show the results of rapid exercises.

Moreover, Watch GT2 has 1,39 inches AMOLED screen supported with higher resolution that allows to be seen on even the sunniest days. You can choose from black, red, green and white straps.

With new features, Huawei Watch GT2 users can track up to 100 sports activities with a storage up to 500 songs. With it’s bluetooth earbuds; you can enjoy your music while exercising.

And oxygen measurement is another feature of this watch. With Huawei’s TruRelex stress management and Trusleep 2.0 tracks sleeping routines, heart rates and stress levels. For example, smart watch gives a warning when it detected heart rates out of the ordinary. Furthermore, it’s the first smart watch tracking oxygen levels.

Do you use a smart watch? Which feature do you use the most? What do you think about Huawei’s recent smart watch? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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