Some Things Asked About HarmonyOS!

Huawei has introduced HarmonyOS recently. There are many rumors about HarmonyOS and many things are asked. What will be inside on this operating system? What are those features? Here are the details.

What’s inside at HarmonyOS?

Chinese technology giant Huawei has been working on it’s operating system since US sanctions. They stated that this operating system is ready to use and they advertised HarmonyOS to users.

In Huawei Developers Conference, HarmonyOS was introduced last month. It’s been stated that HarmonyOS will bring conformity to world.

While Huawei’s Android licence got cancelled becuase of political tensions with the US, they stated that they’ll use their OS and they’re working on their OS. Then, HarmonyOS came to life.

First product introduced on Huawei Developers Conference in last month is HarmonyOS. While it’s reciprocal is HongmengOS in Chinese, it didn’t get official because there was no official advertisement.

First Microkernel cored operating system

Huawei Consumer Group’s CEO Richard Yu stated that they’re bringing something new and they’ve brought life to the first microcore based operating system. As HarmonyOS has open source code, users can work on them comfortably.

It’s not just on the smartphones

Richard Yu stated that this operating system does not exist only on phones. He also stated that every smart technologhical product will use HarmonyOS. Including smart TVs, tables, speakers, wireless headphones, smartwatches, basic sensors and automobiles; it’ll be used nearly on all products. Users concerns about that can they use popular apps on this operating system.

Richard Yu never skipped a detail about operating system in developers confernece. He told that HarmonyOS support is very wide. HarmonyOS can support apps with the base of Android, Linux and HTML5. Also, it’ll have a firm grip on Javascript, C, C++ and Kotlin.

Can Huawei’s operating system can be used right now? What are the statememts when it comes to performance? Can it replace Android completely? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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