Special Treatment For Stranger Things Fans From Microsoft!

Microsoft has prepared a surprise for Stranger Things fans. Here are the details.

What is inside Microsoft’s Stranger Things application?

Microsoft has entered in 1985 by Microsoft 1.0. While it’s very simple, when it was launched into the market, it has made a splash and they moved ahead most of their competitors. In recent weeks, a post that was published on it’s social media named ‘’all-new Windowd 1.0’’ has confused all of their followers and theories were started to being produced. In recent days, the reason for this video’s publishment has explained.

Windows’ new humorous advertisement is about the third season of Stranger Things that has met with viewers a couple of weeks ago. In order to celebrate this internet series comeback, Microsoft has launched the application Microsoft 1.11 right after the internet series have launched on air. While this internet series timeline is in 1985, one of the copies of Windows 1.0 and applications like Paint and Write, also it includes cmd aka. command system.

Clues about Stranger Things from Microsoft

It’s not just about the timelines about it’s connections this series third season and it’s application. Instead of this application’s operating system’s similarity, it has been designed as a game about it’s clues in this new season.

There are 8-bit games and purposely placed glitches in this application. With the direction from the game, many clues, details and secret messages about third season can be uncovered by the user.

If you’re a fan of this show, this application might be a fun and nice way to spend your time. But, if you’re looking for Windows 1.0 experience, we can’t say that this application is close to Windows 1.0.

What does Microsoft offers to Stranger Things fans with this application? Which effects does it exists? How you can make music and short movies? How and where we can access this application? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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