The Guide To Use Google 3D To Bring Wild Animals Home!

Google 3D allows you to see wild animals on three dimensions.

As augmented reality enhances; we now experience many animals in our house with Google 3D. But, how to use it? Here are the details.

Augmented reality is a topic that most corporations stands upon. Google has launched AR stickers for Pixel models. And, they can visualize literally everything. So, people can experience augmented reality.

How to use Google 3D for animals?

But, it can only be used on Pixel and Google Cams. To reach out a wider audience; Google has introduced 3D animals feature for Android and IPhones with a simple scan.

Google allows us to see 3D animals with augmented reality. And, many wild animals can be brought home especially when we have to stay home. Here is the guide to use Google3D animals:

  • Activate Google 3D animals. Search an animal from IPhone.
  • Go to Wikipedia and visualize with 3D.
  • Allow iPhone camera to download 3D version.
  • Finally, move your camera for a couple of seconds.

Which phones can use Google 3D animals? Which Android and IPhone models can use it? What to check before your children gets disappointed? Continues on the news.


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