The Importance of Mobile Marketing will Increase!

The Mobile Marketing Association published a report about mobile marketing. According to the data, the importance of mobile in marketing plans and its share in budgets will continue to increase.

According to the report, the number of brands that allocate 25% of their budget for mobile. More than 60% of marketers are expected to allocate 25% of their budgets over the next 5 years. The increase in mobile device usage, the spread of mobile media, the advantages of cost and measurement in mobile media can be affected by this increase.

The first choice in mobile marketing plans is Facebook. It follows Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat respectively. The importance of social media in marketing budgets is confirmed by this data on mobile.

The use of “live broadcasting, which has become increasingly popular in recent days, is also an issue in the report. On social media platforms, almost everyone uses live broadcasts.  According to this report, the rate of use live broadcast by marketers is around 24% on last year, compared to 39% this year. Brands have started to use this channel more actively to reach their potential customers.

The data shows the importance of Mobile marketing once again.


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