Tinder Lite: A New Version of Friendship Application!

Tinder’s user number is increasing daily as it’s being a popular friendship application that gives us the opportunity to socialize. While it has been downloaded 100 million times and it’s being used by 60 million people, they have announced recently in news that they have made a new update to optimize user experience. Here are the details about Tinder Lite that many people are interested in.

What is Tinder Lite?

Tinder is a popular mobile application that can be downloaded to increase the chance of finding a friend or a partner. While this application creates the opportunity to mett and chat with more than a people is still scores top places when it comes to user numbers since 2012. Right now, it has conducted 20 billion matches and it’ll put it’s lighter version in near future.

While Lite versions are having a surge; they mean lightened and simplified versions. Many applications like Facebook, Twitter and Skype have Lite versions. Tinder never stayed away from that and they have developed this application that it’s 25 times lighter than it’s main counterpart.

What will Tinder Lite does provide to us?

Tinder will preserve it’s essential function that’s been to drag the photos from left to right. But with Tinder Lite, battery issues in the phone is not becoming as frightening as it was anymore. Because with lighter version, battery use will decrease and battery life will become longer as a result.

Tinder’s light version Tinder Lite will provide comfort at data use. This release will decrease network use by 20 percent. It’ll use less resources and it’ll solve the issue of storage. While this application is aimed to improve bad experiences, it’ll work especially for phone users that have low hardware.

Does Tinder Lite can be used in our country? Which countries will use Tinder’s this version? What is the aim of Tinder with it’s Lite version? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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