Unauthorized Access Danger In Android Phone!

Like other phone users, Android users allows their data to be shared by the application while they’re downloading a application. Actually, most of the applications can reach our data no matter we give permission or not. Here are the details.

What is unauthorized Access danger that awaits Android users?

Despite the regulations, more than 1000 application can reach data and they can reach our direction information even though our direction is not open. Maybe, technology corporation knows our friends and ourselves better than us. This uncovers that it’s literally impossible to have privacy online. They have thousands even millions of data about us, our friends, what we do in those places and even our personal interest fields.

Parliaments have started a work on a legislation called ‘’privacy legislation’’. They suppose to reach the data as much as we allow them. Google and Apple have made recent updates to protect users privacy. No matter what we do to protect ourselves, they find ways to pass those obastacles.

International Computer Science Institute have uncovered that 1325 applications have been taking data from us no matter we allow them or not. Specialists also stated that there re very few tools to guard users privacy at their extent. Thus, they also state that those applications are impacting the system, it’s also useless to take permission from users to collect their data.

What does Google is doing for Android users safety?

Most of the researchers except Federal Trade Commision have stated that they’ve consulted Google about this topic. Google have stated that they’ll share the issues of Android Q to consumers this year.

According to the update, the issue of closing direction information in existing applications and the issue of taking permission about direction information in Google will being solved. For this research, more than 88.000 application in Google Play have been traced about how they reach personal data even though their access is closed.

In Android, there are 1325 applications that violates permissions. They can reach those data from Wi-Fi connections, photos that contains meta data and meta data hidden in the application’s code.

A photo application called Shutterfly collects GPS coordinates from phones. It makes this process even though you don’t allow them.

Well, how those application that you don’t give the permission to reach our data can still reach them? What those informtion claimed to being used for? Continues at the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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