What Does Huawei Phone Users Awaits?

Political tensions between the US and China have reflected on Huawei. US has been pressurizing technology companies that exists in China. Recently, Google have cancelled Android license for Huawei. Current phones can make updates without affecting from this decision but no one knows what will happen to phone owners in the future.

China has tried to find a solution by itself. This solution’s name is Hongmeng. Well, what is Hongmeng and how much it became successful? Here are the details.

What is Hongmeng for Huawei phone users?

In recent months, Huawei have branded Hongmeng mobile operationg system and it has been considered that it’ll replace Android and Windows. But, the situation is not happened as expected. Huawei’s experienced vice president and the member of the board Catherine Chen have stated that Hongmeng has been designed for mobile devices. She has also stated that Hongmeng is appropiate to industrial design and will use Google’s Android operating system. In short, she told that Hongmeng will get developed before it becomes an alternative to Android.

Chen has stated that Hongmeng is safer because it consists of hundreds of thousands of codes instead of millions of codes in existing operating systems. But, Hongmeng’s existing mobile operating system is lower than it’s counterparts. According to Chen, Hongmeng can only being used as a foundation for a mobile operating system.

There’s rumor that Huawei was developing a mobile operating system. Trump has declared national emergency for Huawei and banned Huawei equipments in the US. In this situation, in order to calm down the users, Huawei stated that they’ll put an Alternative to Android operating system in autumn. Also, the rumors have soared about Huawei has plan B in case when it stopped using Android operating system.

Does Android usage in Huawei phones gets to a end? Is Hongmeng is going to be used or does another operating system awaits for Huawei phone users? What is the last minute surprise for Huawei’s most recent operating system? Contiues on the news.


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