What Does Tinder Panic Button Do?

In the dating app Tinder, the company aims to get over security concerns with its panic button. So, how does panic button work? Here are the details.

In the dating app Tinder, the company aims to get over security concerns with its panic button. So, how does panic button work? What does it do? Here are the details.

What is Tinder Panic Button?

Tinder is a popular dating app. Tinder has about 50 million users, and it has increased its popularity among other dating apps. Tinder even managed to become more successful than its rivals.

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Keeping up with the age we live in has become a rule. Everyday, we experience a new application or platform. At this point, the most important topic is security. If you are not a secure platform, you may disappear. When it comes to dating apps, things get more serious. Security becomes a necessity. At the end of January, Tinder added to its firewalls. They published the panic button feature for their users. After the release, people ask questions such as “Do people lose confidence in Tinder? Is Tinder innocent as we thought?”. The panic button was first released in the USA at the end of January. Thanks to this button, users can notice and report disturbing messages. If people see your profile as annoying; they can report to Tinder. With this feature, Tinder is aiming to increase trust for its app.

Besides the panic button, there are new features to be released, such as emergency assistance, location tracking, and photo verification. With the new feature, users will become comfortable in terms of safety. In the case of encountering any troubles, users can hit the panic button and emergency services will be alerted along with location data.

How Will the Panic Button be Used?

Users can save personal information about the person they will meet and also record the meeting date. When someone hit the button, it will be understood that the person is not in safe. The panic button is really important for this kind of dating and friendship apps. In that way, users can protect themselves from malevolent people that use friendship apps.

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In addition to the panic button, there is also a feature that will control photos and close the fake account by using artificial intelligence. Therefore, those who open a fake account using photographs that do not belong to them and deceive people with the fake IDs they use will be prevented. The platform will become more reliable and consist of real people.

Thanks to this panic button, users will feel safer. People with different intentions will be prevented. Negative behaviours can be reduced to a minimum. As a matter of fact, Tinder will prevent the app from ramping down because of user’s security concerns. It’s because sexual assault and other crimes were increased the concerns about Tinder for a while ago. Tinder has already taken steps towards these concerns. However, they could not conclude because their development was not completed. With the panic button, they are planning to prevent these concerns.

So, do you use dating apps? Do you find these apps safe? What do you think about the panic button? You can share your experiences and opinions through the comment section.

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