What Happened to Google Trips?

While Google Trips was making travelling easier for travellers, it just closed recently. What will happen to saved destinations? Where will Google provide this sevice to us? What is Google planning for travellers? Here are the details.

What happened to Google Trips? What does Google is planning for travellers?

Google Trips was an application developed for travellers. You want to go to a country bu you don’t know what to drink and what to eat. You can access information from Google Trips where you want to go. After you’ve chosen your city, application shows the way.

It’s difference against other apps is that it can work while it’s off. You can’t access sudden movements but you can download your path.

Even more, we can download this app for free at Google Play Store and App Store till recently. We say recently because Google shut down Google Trips at 5th of August.

Google Trips won’t give service anymore. Google is conducting their studies to use all of our destinations and many more of those applications in one place. According to rumors, all of them might be included on Google Maps.

We can reach all the information about our destination at “http://google.com/travel” address. Even more, it’s not just about locations, you can see the most affordable plane ticket. One of the rumors is that all of Google Trips’ features will be transferred in this address. In short, Google Trips is being closed but it’ll be transferred to another system on Google.

Can Google Trips users may able to see their records, reservations and plans till this day? What does Google planning to do for travel lovers? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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