What is Face ID?

What is Face ID? How Face ID Used?

Apple offers different experiences to its users by integrating new technologies to  products developed. Apple company, which has a significant share to place of the smartphone habit in our lives, has also been broke new ground with its Face ID feature. Because due to this technology, users have begun to choose their faces as their phone password. So, What is Face ID? How is it used?

What is Face ID?

Face ID that is to say facial recognition technology, firstly was recognized as with the iPhone X. Anyone can’t open of your phone except you with this technology is being offered by Apple. We can take smart devices under protection with encryption, marking and finger reading options. But even so, these options aren’t enough to protect. Apple’s Face ID feature creating the password by scanning every inch of people’s faces. Facial recognition technology that is accepted the most secure method, with the users can unlock your phone with a glance. They can also login to applications and your accounts.

This facial recognition technology developed by Apple, it’s working together with many different features. Face ID is creating the map about depth your face. And while is creating this map, attention is paid to the depth of the pixels and resolution. Your face is examined to the smallest details during a facial scan. These two information that Face ID used are quite important in terms of authentication.

Apple’s released new-generation iPhone devices include the TrueDept camera system. Because these cameras work in real time, it’s recognizing your face and helps you to do your transactions. The TrueDept camera is located on the front of the iPhone devices and the light projector is projected on the face of users in a way that they cant understand.

These lights illuminate your face and take your face with a 2D image feature, it’s recording your face. 2D infrared camera reveals the mathematical model of your face using advanced networks. So, you can just using your phone with your face.

How to use Face ID?

What you need to do to use facial recognition technology is very simple. How to use Face ID, let’s learn it step by step;

  • Firstly, go to the “Settings” menu from your Apple device.
  • Click on the Face ID.
  • Select the password.

You can do this when you first bought your iPhone and also set a password if you want.

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