Which Features Will Exist on New iPhone!

New iPhones will meet with consumers very soon. Unlike in recent years, it’s been expected as Apple will introduce 3 new phone models. There are some features that iPhone enthuasists awaits. What does iPhone enthusiasts awaits? Which of those 5 features will be? Here are the details.

Unlike in each year, Apple will make iPhone promotions on September.iPhone enthusiasts are waiting newer models this Spetember. The biggest attention-taker in those feature is triple camera. Others are faster charge, more efficient low light camera and fingerprint sensor.

While designers shares it’s private concepts and information leak about this phone, there are some rumors exists. But, it has started to be understood that rumors and reports are true.

It’s been told that the biggest update in new iPhones is triple camera. Third rear camera that has the feature of ultra-wide angle reminded us Samsung Galaxy S10. This new camera has been expected to bring a wider visual space. As it’s being similar in every year, one of the expectation is that new phones will have faster processor.

Here are 5 paragraphs about features that’s been expected to be on new IPhones?

1-USB-C/Lightning Transformator

Ligtning cables exists on the iPhone’s box that we bought. But, modern computers have USB-C instead of USB connection ports. While new iPhones considered those facts, they’ll come with lightning transformators.


No matter how Face ID works properly, it should be supported with fingerprint sensor. Because there are no main menü botton on new iPhones, fingerprint scanners should exist on new iPhone models.

Fingerprint scanners are more advantegous than Face ID for users. In dark envoirments, facial recognition system can’t be used as it’s been supposed. Even more, you have to put your phone on the same direction of your face and users are stating that they’re tired about this situation.

Wide screens on smartphones became popular around corporations and while fingerprint scanning can be conducted below the screen, some of them are being conducted on the back of the screen.

3-OLED Screen

iPhone X has footnote in history that used OLED screen instad of LCD. OLED screens offers better quality visuals because it’s light distribution and color saturation. New iPhones will have OLED screens.

4-Fast charging

Most smartphones offers fast charging. In order to make iPhones charge faster, we need to buy 29 Watts extra adaptor. With this adaptor, 50 percent of battery stored within 30 minutes. While this adaptor can be supplied by buying from Apple store, it’s been given on the box like the models of Samsund Galaxy S10 and OnePlus7.

Which new feature will exist on new IPhones to capture clearer photos? Which new feature on IPhone will be talked about a lot? Why this feature is being similarized into Samsung? Continues on the news.


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