WHO MyHealth App Shows Coronavirus Risk Of The Environment

World Health Organization developed an app to show Coronavirus intensive places.

As many institutions try to prevent wrong informations on coronavirus; World Health Organization worked on app development about this area and had developed an native app.

As the pandemic continues; World Health Orhanization had developed an app called WHO MyHealth.

How does World Health Organization’s app works?

While World Health Organization established on1948; they manage situations like pandemic. Now, they developed WHO MyHealth to inform people about coronavirus. Especially helping them to cope the situation.

This app is used to prevent misinformation. And a group of volunteer experts (especially Google and Microsoft) have participated to develop the app.

They have two sections called precauions. Self-protection and travel recommendations.

This app warns users movements. Even more, they inform coronavirus infested locations. Even more, they let you know how far you’re here.

What to watch out at Who MyHealth? Why people gets concerned about privacy?

Who MyHealth requires access to location to send specific notifications to users. So, they get inform people about coronavirus infested locations and how far you’re away from here.

But, access requirement makes some people concerned. They also updates updates about coronavirus.

Where do ou take your coronavirus information? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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Ata Tekeli

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