You Can Charge Your Phone With Fire!

Technology have found a solution and saved people in natüre from charging problem.

Telephones are parts of our lives which we can’t put down. But application we use, internet and social media causes our phone’s battery to die quickly. Powerbanks run for our help when we can’t charge our phones with electricity.

But they provide temporary solution for long days especially for campers or people who prefers to spend a couple of days in nature, charging becomes an difficult issue to overcome. But technology have found a solution and saved people in natüre from charging problem. But how? You can charge your phone with fire. Here are the details.

Device which can charge your phone with fire

In nature, we rely on our phones to communicate or to use GPS. Similar situation exists with GPS devices as well. But quickly consumed charges causes big issues for people in nature. For this some technologies might help you to transform solar energy to electricity to charge your phones or your GPS devices or some technologies provides you additional power with an additional 3-5 volts of charging energy.

But when you step outside things might not go as you expected and all this offered may cause disappointments. For example in order to do camping on a sunny day, after a short while, as black clouds emerge your solar panels and your solution to this energy issue may become useless. Or your charging unit may leave you behind when it’s overused.

Actually, natüre means a little bit of fire We use fire in nature to cook food and to heat up. With this thought, designers have found a solution which a device makes it’s electricity from fire. The name of the device which brings solution is FlameStower. FlameStower actually produced for the purpose of nature lovers or people who prefers to stay in nature for long to charge their smartphones or their GPS devices. This device tramsforms camp fire into electricity. You can use this device every setting when you create fire even though you have fire or not.

It can work on extraordinary situations at houses.

This device can be used at houses at extraordinary situations to be connected. Of course not by creating fire in the middle of the house. You can use this device at your home by taking advantage of cooking stoves because this device without the need to another heat source transforms heat into electricity. In extraordinary situations happened at houses such as a storm or electricity cuts, it might be a solution to you.

FlameStower has been designed to withstand high temperatures. Actually it provides its performance by being close to fire. After that you fill its reservoir with water. It’s actually easy to use. You just connect into USB device if you charge your device anytime you wish. After that you just fill water into it’s reservoir. You just put water into knife which is connected to reservoir and its named like that because its appearance you just put fire into this place. That’s it.

Let’s share an important point right now: It’s important for knife to be properly connected to fire. You can check FlameStower’s power quality lights from the back of the devices. Even more, before charging becomes completed it might be needed to fill in water to the reservoir.

Water and fire turns into charging power

The device which named FlameStower actually works with the energy of campfire or your cooking stove’s energy. Technically, thermal energy gets accelerated into thermoelectric generator. This generator’s opposing surface gets connected with water and that heats up surface and another side or the cold side actually becomes slightly colder when compared to other side. This temperature difference produces electricity energy. Let’s share right now for people judging how it Works: Water and which its put into reservoir actually causes hot and cold sides to emerge and makes electricity from it.

In general, as an solution to charging issues in nature with USB connection you can charge multiple devices at once in this device.

When we come into charging time, FlameStower can fill your phone’s battery to 100 percent within 3 hours. This time is 1,5 hours when we connect our phones into electricity sockets. It looks like it’s a little bit long when compared to plugging our phone to charge. But when we think in natural conditions and it exploits fire to turn into electricity, it looks like it’s a decent time to charge up your devices especially in nature where many possibilities are limited, it looks like an important issue has been solved within 3 hours.

This device is incredible portable. You can put into your back pockets by folding this device. It’s weight is nearly as half as other charging devices. Actually it’s even less than a box. With this and the device’s being lightweight and also it’s portable, you don’t create additional weight in your shoulders.

Well where this device is sold and how much? How it Works, how it’s used and how it looks? For details and video for curious people, in the continuation on the news.


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