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Mobile payment applications began to replace credit cards. Which applications are used most? 8 mobile payment apps, in our news…

Today, many people when making payments prefer to use credit or debit cards. Especially with the digitalization of banks card usage has become widespread. Mobile payment applications began to replace credit cards. So what is mobile payment? Which mobile payment applications are used most? 8 mobile payment apps and tips you can use, our news…

The 8 best mobile payment apps:

Nowadays, you only need a smartphone and internet to get your business done. We with the mobile applications download to smart phones, we can do many works in seconds. Especially, in payment transactions mobile applications help greatly. People are leaving physical cards completely and they are digitizing their wallets. They use mobile payment applications for this. Mobile payment applications available for IOS and Android users:

1- PayPal

PayPal is one of the oldest mobile payment apps. You can transfer money to your friends with PayPal. Many banks to charge for money transfers. PayPal has no money transfer fee. But, some extra fees may be for charged to credit cards or to convert currencies.

2- Venmo

Venmo application is belong to PayPal. You can send money free of charge from the application. Users can log in to their accounts both from the mobile application and on the internet. Venmo can be used for payment transactions at many businesses. You can share the room rent; You can even divide equally the invoice amount with Venmo.

3- ESquare Cash

If you have a small service business, you can use Square‘s “Cash App” to get paid. Cash App is compatible with iOS and Android devices. They can send money by mail or using an identifier called a cash tag in the app.

Cash tag is a word that comes before the $ symbol. Can be used instead phone number or email and identifies only one Cash App user. It can be used like a bank card, including withdrawing money from ATM. It can be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

A business wants through the cash application; It can request payment by sending it to the customer’s cash label, phone number or e-mail. However, there is not reminder option in the application. If a customer forgets to pay, business owner needs to send a reminder.

4- Apple Pay

Works with all Apple devices. Through this application, you can shop with mobile payments. You can send and receive money to friends or family. Apple users don’t have to download the app to pay. They can make the payment using the cards in the wallet.

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5- Google Pay

Using Google Pay and Gmail, you can send someone money over email for free. Google Pay is well designed and easy to use, like other Google services. It works through dedicated Google Pay app or other integrated Google services.

6- Zelle

Zelle is a very popular payment system among banks and credit unions. You can send money to people bank accounts in the USA. Person to you will transfer money must have a Zelle account.

If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, you can use the online banking site to both send and receive money. But, if your bank or credit union does not use Zelle, you must have a smartphone to access the application. You must connection this app to a bank account using the associated Visa or MasterCard bank card.

You can download the application from the App Store for iOS 9.0 or later versions. You can download the application from Google Play for your Android 5.0 and higher devices.

7- Levelup

Levelup is a mobile payment app service for businesses based on QR codes. For use this service, add your credit or bank card to the LevelUp code. After, you scan your QR code by other person and money is transferred. To persuade people to use this platform more, the company offers loyalty and reward programs that increase its credit score. There is also detailed analysis that can help businesses tailor discounted offers.

8- Facebook Messenger

Facebook is purpose to enter every new technology area. Therefore, it begin a mobile payment application service. But, it isn’t widely used to due other popular services. When you send money on Facebook Messenger, recipient all sees is amount, your name and profile picture. If a payment is accepted, it will be deposited into your bank account within five business days.

So which payment method do you use? Which of mobile payment applications do you prefer most? You can share in comments.

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