Zoom App Banned On New York

Zoom App banned on New York schools

Zoom App banned on New York schools. People chatted with video call apps as they can’t go out on cornavirus days. As the demand increased, zoom meeting became extremely popular. But, cyber-security gaps got Zoom prohibited on some locations.

Before that, Zoom was shown to be the best video call app. Now, it’s the most used video call app as we have to stay socially connected remotely.

Why did Zoom App prohibited on New York Schools?

The use of video calls increased with the coronavirus outbreak. And Zoom has taken the biggest slice. But, data scandals and cyber-security gaps made Zoom prohibited on some jurisdictions. For example, New York has prohibited the use of Zoom on their schools. And New York Government recommended Microsoft Team sor Google Education for remote education.

Zoom had been attacked by hackers numerously resulting in the information theft. Also, some schools already stopped the use of Zoom due to security concerns.For example hacker could enter the call like a zoombombing. But, we use it frequently. But, the best video call app has been prohibited due to security breaches. To prevent from happening; it’s useful to take precautions. Even Facebook’s founder closed his notebook camera with a duct tape some times ago.

Do you use Zoom? Do you have another video call app? What are your recommendations? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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