10 Interesting Virtual Reality Movies

You can experience different stories, places and characters thanks to virtual reality. 10 interesting virtual reality movies that make you feel like you are there.

Virtual reality technology gives you the chance to experience the places, events and worlds you want to be in as if they were there. It can even make you feel like you are with the movie characters you admire. One of the best uses of this technology is the movie world. You can experience different stories, places and characters thanks to virtual reality. 10 interesting virtual reality movies that make you feel like you are there thanks to other world.

The Best Virtual Reality Movies You Can Watch:

1- Matrix

If you haven’t watched this masterpiece or are thinking of watching it again, we recommend you to watch it in virtual reality genre. Realizing that he is in a simulation, Neo steps into the Matrix world. You can experience the Matrix world and Neo’s unforgettable fight scenes with virtual reality technology in this movie where you will have difficulty distinguishing between reality and virtual.

2- Inception

Directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception is about a thief who has infiltrated the dream world. In the dream process where people are most vulnerable, they infiltrate people’s subconscious and steal their most secret secrets.

3- Remember

The drama where you will watch the painful life of an old man will surprise you as much as it saddens you. A man who used to be a pro-Nazi guardian in America under false identity; Learning that he destroyed his family, this old man kept chasing the event, albeit late; strives for justice. However, events are not what they seemed to be at first.

4- Black Box

A man who lost his memory as a result of an accident, while in a coma, talks about interesting and bad events. A nurse takes note of her delusions to the man who is trying to regain her memory, and tries to help.

5- Ready Player One

In the desolate world of 2045, people try to find happiness in virtual reality. A young boy finds secret clues to a virtual reality game.

6- 13th Floor

Two people working in a technology company decide to try out a newly developed technology related to virtual reality. Things get complicated in the company when someone is elsewhere with virtual reality. The owner of the company is killed and the employee has gaps in his mind.

7- The Hater

The film, which is about the reflection of the internet environment to manipulation, social movements and real life, is quite in line with the facts. The youth, who arouse social hatred with fake news and content, follow the results of their actions.

8- Videodrome

Max, who owns a pornographic channel, is one day struck by the violent pornographic videos he watches from a runaway broadcast. Considering new ideas for his channel, Max wants to access these contents.

9- Balance 

The world is out of World War 3 and this war is the most devastating war the world has ever seen. The oppressive and fascist system that emerged after this war forbids everything people are interested in.

10- Johnny Mnemonic

Companies use data couriers to transfer information, but these couriers are unusual. With the interfaces found in the skulls of the couriers, information is stored and transported in their brains.

Virtual reality glasses make you live as if you are there movies. Some films are intriguing with the virtual reality they contain. Although it sounds different to experience imaginary fiction in virtual reality; quite enjoyable.

We told you 10 interesting virtual reality movies to watch. So what are the virtual reality movies you would recommend?

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