20 Interesting Facts About the Smart Home!

Our homes are very smart nowadays where everything is smart. Do we really know everything about the smart home tecnology? 20 surprising facts, in our news..

One of the sectors inspired by technology in today’s world is the home technologies. Our homes are very smart nowadays where everything is smart. Smart homes purposes to benefit by bringing our living spaces together with technology. Many systems can be controlled remotely from electricity to heating and water in smart homes. Even outside the house, the current situation of the house can be monitored with cameras. So, Do we really know everything about the smart home tecnology? 20 surprising facts, in our news..

What is the smart home?

Smart home systems purposes to monitor and control the home remotely through the cables. Special networks are used to manage the tools within the home. Smart home devices connected inside the home with special cables or an internet network can be controlled by landlords with smartphones or tablets. Most of these systems have been developed of many areas including security, alarm systems, energy saving. When outside the house, many systems can be monitored including whether the door is locked, whether there is a cable connected to the wall outlet and the temperature of the house.

20 interesting facts about smart homes:

There are also some interesting rumors and facts about to smart homes. Here are 20 interesting fact about these houses:

20 interesting facts about the smart home moblobi

What happened in 1980?

1- A smart device has been developed that can inform about to relatives and families if an elderly person falls down while alone at home. It’s known that the device was invented in 1980.

2- It’s claimed to increased about 40 times in the last 7 years that the number of the smart homes around the world.

3- Amozon’s smart device named Alexa, it’s said to be the most preffered device in smart homes, which was bought by millions of people around the world last year.

4- It is claimed that systems in smart homes can save a large amount of energy with the reflection of the light on as a result of detecting the person in the room through infrared lights.

5- It is said that the LED bulbs in smart homes can be connected to smartphones with Bluetooth, and the lights inside the home can be controlled from anywhere.

What comes out behind when the walls slide?

6- In smart homes in Portugal, the wall in the room could be shifted in real time that a bed could be folded instead.

7- It is claimed can be changed according to styles and color of the tenants that the wall coverings of smart homes in Los Angeles.

8- It is said that in a couple of years, almost half of newly built homes worldwide will have the technology of smart homes.

9- It is said to use smart home devices almost half of the population over the age of 65 in America.

10- It’s claimed that the technology used in garage doors with automatic sensors from smart devices which is very similar to the technology that can detonate explosive charges.

11- Technology giants such as Samsung, Apple and Amazon, especially; It’s said that big companies have made a deal to improve studies that shapes the technology in smart homes.

12- Lenovo in the field of smart homes : Lenovo has developed smart WiFi plug, smart light bulb and smart security camera

13- Smart home technology has been accepted as home phones, the computers and the televisions in recent years.

14- The smart house called Antilia, is said to be one of the most expensive smart technology homes with the budget of billion dollars.

15- It is claimed that smart homes are more attracted attention by men and the purchasing rate is more than women.

smart home moblobi

What does your the refrigerator say?

16- It’s said that the number of those connected to the internet for smart LED bulbs found in smart homes will be worth billions.

17- It is said that it can indicated what you should or should not eat accordin to your request from among the food in the refrigerator of smart homes.

18- It’s claimed that particularly the young population is interested in smart homes and these technologies.

19- The USA is said to be the most popular country in the worldwide smart home technology market, and the Scandinavian countries are in the second place.

20- Although smart home systems are supported by technology giants, it is claimed that the place of smart home appliances in the market is low worldwide.

What do you think about the smart houses? Do you use devices with smart home technology? Share your views in the comments section.

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