3 Interesting Movies About Steve Jobs!

3 interesting Steve Jobs movies about the famous entrepreneur identified with Apple.

3 interesting films about Steve Jobs, whose life is a curiosity and whose name is identified with Apple. Although he passed away in 2011, we think that there is no one who does not know him, thanks to the Apple. We can define Steve Jobs as the giant of the technology world. Did you know that Jobs even founded and chaired Next Computer and Pixar Animation Studios for a while? Since the life of this famous entrepreneurial businessman is a matter of curiosity, many films have been made about him. Books also have even been written. 3 Interesting Movies About Steve Jobs the famous entrepreneur identified with Apple.

3 Interesting Steve Jobs Movies:

1- Jobs

Jobs movie; In 2013, this movie was directed by Joshua Michael Stern. Ashton Kutcher was the actress. In the film, starting from Steve Jobs’ youth; Jobs explains how to became an entrepreneur. Jobs dropped out of college and he returns to California with his family. After setting up his own office in the garage of the house he lives in, he is no longer just a teenager. The establishment of a brand that will become a world giant in a home garage in California begins.

2- Steve Jobs

In the movie “Steve Jobs” directed by Danny Boyle in 2015, Steve Jobs’ life was narrated in 3 episodes. In the first part, the birth of Apple Macintosh products in 1984 and how the company was in a difficult situation with the problems experienced. The first part is about the birth of Apple Macintosh products in 1984 and how the company was in a difficult situation with the problems. In the second part is about; Jobs founded his new breakthrough, ‘Next Computer’, in 1988 and the chaos he had with his family. The third part is about iMac computers being repaired and surfaced again in 1998.

3- Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

The 2015 production of “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” directed by Alex Gibney; it’s actually a documentary rather than a movie. All the breakthroughs he made in the documentary, including Steve Jobs and Apple, seem especially to be criticized. It includes interviews with Steve Jobs’ friends, footage from past events and archives, and even speeches by a few former Apple employees. However, the main point that draws attention in the documentary is that Jobs was constantly criticized and everything he did was generally portrayed badly.

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