5 Myths About Smart Cars!

Many legends have been put forward about smart cars. So which of these legends are true? 5 myths about smart cars; in our news...

There are many legends about smart cars. So which of these legends are true? 5 myths and facts about smart cars; here are the details..

Many legends have been put forward about smart cars before they even entered our daily lives. So how many of these legends are true? Here are the details..

5 Myths and Facts About Smart Cars:

The smart car was first seen on the streets of North America. Demand for these vehicles, which attract everyone’s attention, is increasing. This is because of the interesting technologies they have, as you can guess. These vehicles provide great convenience to their users in terms of economy, thanks to both being environmentally friendly and reducing fuel consumption.

Smart cars have touch screens, light sensitive headlights; it managed to catch a very wide scale when it comes to those who save fuel, those who follow the lane automatically, those who have electricity, those who have solar energy. Many rumors are circulating about these vehicles, which are considered the leading steps of the transition to smart urbanism as a general outlet. So, are these myths true? Here are the details..

Myth 1: Smart Cars Aren’t Safe

The reason for this sentence is appearance. The fact that smart cars are generally smaller in size makes us think that they are unsafe. Users who imagine the vehicle in traffic, especially those with traffic in big cities, can easily believe this myth. However, there are many technologies that increase safety in smart cars. For example; It has many safety elements such as four airbags, protective headrests, specially designed bucket seats, and many technological warnings to prevent accidents and malfunctions. In this case, it would not be correct to say that they are not safe with their tools.

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Myth 2: The Smart Car Is From A Brand New Manufacturer

Everyone has the belief that when we talk about smart cars, a new brand has launched a new technology vehicle. However, this is not the case at all. Smart automobile are produced by one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world, like Mercedes-Benz and many other car brands. The myth that “something called a smart car came out and it will produce a new brand” is not true.

Myth 3: The Smart Car Gets Better Mileage Than Other Cars On The Road

When looking at the size of smart vehicles, it is thought that they consume less fuel than they others. Actually, it is not exactly like that. While the smart car achieves excellent fuel economy; hybrid and fully electric car models have much higher efficiency ratings. In this case, we understand that not all smart vehicles are the same and this myth is also wrong.

Myth 4: Smart Cars Only Have Two Seat

Since the first smart car prototypes are usually for 2 people; At first sight this vehicle was not everyone’s choice. However, there are also 4 seat versions of smart vehicles. Although it may seem small, there is one that appeals to 4 people. In other words, it is an untrue myth that smart cars are only for two people.

Myth 5: The Cheapest Car On The Market

For those who think smart cars are very cheap, let’s point out that this is not true. If you are looking for a lower budget vehicle, this may not be your choice.

So what do you think about smart cars? Are there any smart car facts you want to add to this list? You can share from the comment section.

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