Alarming Mat For Waking Up!

An alarming mat stops till you stepped in with both feet.

As waking up early is difficult for most people; a mat being developed to keep people awake. And, it’s an alarming clock that can’t be delayed. Here are the details.

What is the alarming mat? How to use it?

Despite waking up early is argued in people; morning people feels more energetic and adapts the day better. Even more, they’ve sorted out most of their jobs.

We have difficulties in waking up early. And, sometimes we fall asleep as soon as we close the alarm. Now, an alarming mat called Ruggie being developed to keep you awake. Ruggie’s main difference is that we have to stop by tapping our both feet. And, you have to step in for 3 seconds.

Also, this alarm rings under 90-120 desibels of sound. As there’s a clock on the left upper side of the mat; it’s soft structure leaves a trace and becomes normal again.

Even more, it can understand if you put a heavy object except your both feet. You can download special messages to Ruggie. Moreover, you can start with motivating messages. And, it’s on sale around 218 dollars.

Also, it’s slipproof surface prevents you from slipping. And, it’s a flat, one-colour and a lightweight mat weighs around 100 grammes. And, It works with 3 AAA batteries.

Which methods you use to wake up? Did you use this mat useful? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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