AntiStress and AntiAnxiety Device!

Because of the conditions we live in, even traffic, 2 out of every 3 people today is causing stress unfortunately. Everything in our lives, including social conditions, incidents and other people, can cause stress . For this reason, many stress -related items such as the stress wheel and the stress ball, which we all know recently, have entered our lives; it had become very popular, but after a while they had lost their popularity. Now, a technological solution that is a different from the others is entering our lives. Here is the stress stone.

Fighting stress is now easier!

Designed to combat stress and anxiety, this device is actually a smooth stone. Therefore, in its simplest form, we can describe it as stress stone. The stress-relieving device called Calming stone is large enough to fit into the palm of your hand. This device can help with stress and panic attacks, preventing anxiety. The aim of the device is to help you stay calm and controlled by the sounds and lights it emits, and also to keep track of yourself and prevent panic attacks.

Today, while struggling with stress , anxiety and panic attacks; many people need support. This device actually supports you in this struggle. It creates an emotional and tactile experience.

There is a copper ring outside the device. This ring measures your heart rate. After measuring your heart rate, it shines and vibrates gently by detecting its speed. These vibrations allow you to perceive and control your stress and anxiety.


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