Apple is Preparing to Add Mixed Reality to Our Lives!

Looks like Apple has bought mixed reality goggles that can tract users jests, mimics and eyes. What will happen? Here are the details.

Does Apple’s mixed reality googles are coming?

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies and they have lots of technologies or products. There are lots of technologies exist on artificial intelligence and TV services. As Apple makes itself known on every technology, there was no solid clue about their virtual reality or augmented reality technology. In recent years, they’ve stated that they’ve been working on mixed reality technology. In recent days, as they’ve bought the patent of mixed reality goggles made technology lovers heads turn.

Apple has bought mixed reality goggles that can track users mimics, jests and eyes. Despite it’s been stated recently, the patent is on the hands of Apple since March. Despite it’s the first step in mixed reality, it has successfully made a huge reflexion.

Virtual and augmented realities combine with mixed reality

With the patent is being bought, the problem is how they’re going to integrate virtual reality to those goggles. As it’s named as Display System Having Sensors it has an helmet, a couple of cameras and sensors that can track user’s eyes. Those components are working altogether and they aim to create virtual and 3D motions to real life. Even more, hand, jaw and eyebrow sensors can be added to system.

According to Apple’s statements mixed reality goggles are being seperated from virtual reality goggles. It’s nearly impossible to foresight because this patent has an open end. But, virtual and augmented technologies can be understood from the reports prepared by experts.

What will be used in jaw and eyebrow sensors? How can facial recognition technology can be used with mixed reality? What does Apple is being expected to do with mixed reality patent? What are their plans? Did they made an explanation? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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