Artificial Intelligence will Appear in Stores!

There are many technological devices like atms. It is called ‘kiosk’. Some kiosks have artificial intelligence and can make so many things. In our news...

What does kiosk do in many stores and shopping centers. What are the interesting things they can do? In the shopping center you can pay by yourself instead of going to cash box. For this, there are many technological devices like atms. It is called ‘kiosk’. Some kiosks have artificial intelligence and can make so many things. Here are the details.

What Kiosk Can Do?

In stores, banks there are many computers that have feature like touch screen. Kiosk is a general name of those computers with monitors. You get receipt and can pay with kiosks. Actually the reason why those kind of computers are made is reduce the responsibility of employees.

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In many field kiosks are using for helping people and facilitating their jobs. We can see them in our daily lives in the shopping centers. Kiosk in the IKEA is one of them. You show your meal in a tray. And this device get the informations of them and says to you the price of your meal with an artificial intelligence. Not only the price appears in the screen but also informations are telling to you vocally. In paying process you can pay with your card or cash.

Many people with the thought of that ‘I can’t do it’ are waiting in the line. Actually they are quite simple. Kiosk also using in the civil registry. As you know, ID’s was changed. And people get the pin and password. For those informations kiosks are prepared in civil registy. ID owners can change their pin and passwords, change the personal message and check the the card with kiosks. Also this device can acess the information with screenprint and biometric photos of yours.

Kiosk are not common in our country but especially in China and all around the world those kind of technologies are using.

So, do you use kiosk devices? Where did you see them? You can share in the comment section.

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