Artificial Intelligence Will Prevent Global Warming

According to the studies of Google engineers, artificial intelligence could reduce the carbon footprint. How will this artificial intelligence prevent global warming? 

What is carbon footprint? How will artificial intelligence track your carbon footprint and avoid the threat of global warming? Global warming is one of the frightening dangers of our age. The most important factor causing global warming is the amount of carbon in the air. According to the studies of Google engineers, artificial intelligence could reduce the carbon footprint. How will this artificial intelligence prevent global warming?

How Will Artificial Intelligence Prevent Global Warming?

We are in a carbon circle that surrounds our lives, from factories to explosive engines and many events in our daily lives. As the order we created caused uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions, we started to disrupt the balance of the ecosystem rapidly. As one of the species chain in the ecosystem, human beings began to get serious when they saw that the consequences of their actions also affected them. Thus, every publication started to produce solutions for the current and possible consequences of global warming. The newest and most environmentally friendly of these solutions was the machine learning-based artificial intelligence algorithm.

A group of researchers from Harward suggested that artificial intelligence could be used against the possible effects of global warming. The climate change team consisting of 20 people aims to establish machine education on this subject. This artificial intelligence will predict carbon emissions by taking into account the behavior of people in their daily lives. If the work is successful, the carbon footprint will be greatly reduced in the 2050s.

What Does The Carbon Footprint Mean?

Carbon footprint is formed by the consumption of people. For example, going to school or work in your own car increases this. It is aimed to raise awareness on this issue by recording the carbon footprints created by the consumption of people and reminding the consumer. Thanks to this application, people will be able to fulfill their individual responsibilities regarding global warming in their own life cycle.

With the artificial intelligence learning planned to be designed here, it is not only aimed to prevent global warming. At the same time, there are important expectations that energy waste will decrease. Along with all these, security problems related to the application are also expressed. It can be dangerous as a lot of human data is needed for this project.

Do you think artificial intelligence will be able to reduce carbon emissions?

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