Artificial Sun Is Made!

Chinese scientists have developed an artificial sun.

As fossil fuel crisis occurs during different periods; it caused a search on new soruces of energy. And, Chinese scientists have developed an Artificial Sun as a energy source. Here are the details.

While most of the energy need is maintained from fossil fuels; they have the danger of drying out. And, they cause high costs and envoirmental pollution. Hence, the pollution causes global threat. So, renewable energy has become more of a trend.

What is the Artificial Sun? What about it’s features?

Renewable energy trend has increased during different periods drastically. But, rapidly developing technology and global population causes a massive demand for energy. For this reason, scientific world has looked onto new energy sources.

Nuclear energy is result of these searches. To define nuclear energy; it’s the energy resulting from seperating the atoms. It was became widespread but due to human rights violations; it becomes unsuistainable. Resulting from new searches for energy sources; an Artificial Sun is created.

Chinese scientists have developed a less toxic, cheaper and a cleaner source of energy. While it’s named as HL-2M; it’s called as the Artificial Sun. Because it can reach up to 200 million celcius heat. When considering the heat of the Sun is 13 million degrees celcius; it’s hotter than 13 times.

Why the artificial sun is so hot? What is the main feature of this sun? Where does it belong? Does it have the same features as sun? Does it going to fill the demand for energy? Is it dangerous? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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